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Our Mission

Food is an emblem of peace and companionship, a tradition spanning human history. Even today, sitting at a table represents a moment of joy and fraternity, where we share our day, exchange news, and create lasting memories across diverse cultures. We offer food as a gift, as an excuse to venture out and relish the day, as a reason to gather with friends. Haven't we all spent hours engaged in heartfelt conversations over a fantastic meal or a simple cup of coffee? This, to us, is the true essence of living: sharing is caring. At Cozy, our foremost purpose is to cultivate an environment where moments and food are shared - not just a place to eat.

To us, food signifies more than mere sustenance; it embodies passion, the driving force of life. Gathering with friends and family, sharing a table with loved ones - these moments are sacred. We view mealtime as the perfect opportunity to pause, connect, and weave stories together, free from the burdens of our hectic lives. Whether it's having a coffee with a friend to discuss a new job or enjoying lunch with family to celebrate good news, these experiences hold profound meaning.

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We take pride in crafting everything in-house, and when we need assistance, we seek out the finest partners: small producers, local markets, and independent cooks. Supporting the local economy is an integral part of our business philosophy. We firmly believe that our growth is intertwined with the growth of our community.


Four years ago we left everything behind in Brazil and moved to the Netherlands. With two suitcases, a baby and two cats, we were full of dreams and hopes. With a heart full of passion and a smile that brightens up any room, Emilio is our executive chef and owner. His experience in the kitchen began in Brazil and continued after moving here. Bruna takes care of the administration and makes sure everything goes according to schedule. She has an amazing talent with numbers and an eye for detail. Both Brazilian at heart. During these years living in Delft, we dreamed of having a place of our own. Cozy is our dream coming true!

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